Self sealing filbag , FB01 - 175 x 255mm (100 Pcs.)

Item number: FB01

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Self-sealing FILBAG Classic courier envelopes are perfect for posting items like clothes, catalogues, books etc. Multi-layer foil is very hard to tear. The bags are completely opaque as well, so nobody will be able to see what is inside.

All foil envelopes can be custom printed with the company's logo, which is a great opportunity to promote your company.

FILBAG Classic envelopes are manufactured using multi-layer LDPE foil. They are available in one colour : black and white (black ? inside layer, white ? outside layer).

Our foil bags are environment-friendly ? LDPE foil used during the production process is fully recyclable. In addition, it can contain biodegradable additives.

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